GPS Hiring achieves the value proposition of offering high quality software development that is focused on your needs while remaining cost-effective.


It is critical that your software operations remain nimble and up to date. With GPS Hiring, you work directly with your dedicated team of software developers. Our developers are highly-trained, experienced, bilingual and customer-focused. With a dedicated staff, superior training and high-level technology, you have the access you need to build a solid team to attack your software projects. 


Our developers have expertise with software development in a number of industries including, but not limited to, financial, communications, and insurance.

Team Focus on Your Solutions


Application Development

Expertise from back-office solutions which include Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and SAP to online development applications – ATG, .Net, Java, and Oracle.


Digital Transformation

Migrate with focus toward innovation. Your internal and external applications need to be analyzed to best align them for an efficient architecture.


Technology Upgrades

Do you know you need a technology upgrade but are worried about the business disruption? Our team can design and implement your 21st Century software architecture with minimal employee disruption.


Current Assessments and Long-Term Planning

Analyze your current environment and favored long-term solution. Determine how your user community best integrates with that environment: employees, customers, and government compliance.


Properly Manage Your Transition

Develop an understanding of your legacy systems to fully understand your starting point, end result and transitional needs.



A 21st Century software architecture needs to embrace 21st Century security both in its development and its flexibility for revision as security needs expand and change.

Broad Range of Software Expertise  

Our developers are proficient in each of the following and other technologies:

  • Java

  • .Net

  • Mobile Solutions

  • Database (e.g. MySQL and Oracle) 

  • Frontend (e.g. Angular and HTML5) 

  • Web Services

  • Continuous Integration Methodologies

  • API and Platform integrations

  • Hardware integrations

  • Business Intelligence Strategies and Technologies

  • Other Software-Oriented Technologies

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