Our mission is to provide superior high-tech services tailored to your needs. 

We are committed to highly-trained personnel, consistent results, and competitive pricing to support your business.



GPS Hiring offers the right mix of talent, location, economics, and diligence to be your nearshore solution. Whether you are looking for software development, network operations center, mobile app design, quality assurance testing or outsourced staffing, GPS Hiring should be your first choice.


1. Headquartered in the United States. GPS Hiring was formed in Austin, Texas in 2012. We work with skilled technology teams in Costa Rica through our U.S. based management team to make sure you not only receive top-level talent but that the talent understands the complexity of your U.S. based business. 

2. Results. GPS Hiring has an exceptional customer-retention rate. Our technology team becomes your team. Their success is based on your success. Our collaborative approach assures that work flows and development are tailored to your goals and needs.

3. Workforce. Our workforce is highly-trained including most industry certifications applicable to a job role.

4. The Right Work Environment. GPS Hiring takes the next step to make sure the work environment provides the tools for success you expect: redundant power and redundant and secure Internet connectivity, biometric secured access to work area, 24/7 presence, fully-managed computers and telecommunications including video chat-capability, and with teams that work in the same time zones as U.S. based businesses.

5. Affordability. Our nearshore vendors have has a higher level of expertise and training at a price point that is not available in other locations. When considering expertise training and price, we achieve the Goldilocks of information technology and software development.

GPS Hiring Leverages the Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing 


Many Latin American countries provide benefits for United States business. Costa Rica for example is the number one software development exporter in Central America, with a highly-educated population and an emphasis on developing fluencies in English. 


GPS Hiring combines its strong nearshore workforce with technology to make our team, your team. High quality broadband connections and video conferencing coupled with a time zones that overlap United States time zones provides you the benefits of a local workforce.


GPS Hiring consolidates a team of skilled professionals. The process is simple. You tell us what outsourcing software development technology or other skills you need, we will provide you with the required professionals according to those specifications.



Our level of service will exceed what you have come to expect.

Although we maintain broad expertise on a variety of industries, we specialize in the Banking and Financial, Social Media, Networking, Healthcare and E-commerce industries.

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